Product Development Efforts

Shape Solver iPhone Application

Shape Solver Icon

Shape Solver is an Obective C application developed for the iPhone which provides a solver/calculator for area, perimeter, volume and surface area for over 22 different geometry shapes, including the circle, triangle, square, rectangle, cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, torus, parallelogram, trapezoid, rhombus, kite, pentagon, hexagon, n-agon. pyramids (square, rectangular, n-agon), prisms (square, rectangular, triangular, n-agon). Each shape includes an illustration of the shape being solved and the equation, providing the user with a quick reference guide.

InterWrite PRS / Response Software

InterWrite PRS Software ToolbarThe InterWrite PRS & Response classroom assessment software was developed in Java for cross platform compatability for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.  The PRS Software utilized a flat file structure to capture the responses from the InterWrite PRS (Infrared and RF) clicker systems, supporting classrooms with up to 8,000 students.  The Response software was built aroun

InterWrite WorkSpace Software

InterWrite Workspace ToolbarThe InterWrite Workspace software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platgorms and was developed in C++, C# and Java application languages.  The InterWrite Workspace software provided an integrated classroom presentation system specifically tailored for an interactive learning environment.  The Workspace software was specifically designed to utilize a floating toolbar that could work in conjunction with any

ConsERV Energy Recovery Ventilators

ConsERV D Series

The ConsERV series Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) utilize Dais' nano-structured polymer (Aqualyte) to improve the efficiencies of HVAC systems. The ConsERV systems utilize a fixed plate core for the enthalpic transfer of energy (Heat and Humidity). The ConsERV system reduces energy costs by transfering the energy of the already conditioned air to the incoming air stream, reducing the load on the HVAC system and potentially allowing a smaller HVAC system to be installed, reducing capital costs.

Interwrite Board and DualBoard

Interwrite Board

The Interwrite Board is a large interactive whiteboard that utilizes and active pen and electromagnetic sensing technologies for position determination. When used with Interwrite Software, the Interwrite Board provides users with the capability of controlling their computer and associated applications from the board, as well as a variety of annotation tools to make any presentation or discussion more dynamic.

Interwrite Cricket

Interwrite Cricket

The Interwrite Cricket was developed to address the need for a simpler, lower cost classroom assessment system. The Cricket supported True/False and Multiple Choice question types. With the simpler design, the Cricket was targeted to K-12 markets that desired a quick, low cost solution for classroom assessment.

Interwrite Pad

Interwrite Pad

The patented Interwrite Pad is a portable wireless system that provides the user with interactive whiteboard functionality anywhere in the room. The Interwrite Pad provided the teacher/instructor with freedom of movement, while maintaining control of the computer and projected image. Additionally, the Pad provided a collaborative capability by allowing up to 7 devices to be used within a room, giving students an option to participate from their seats.


Interwrite PRS RF

PRS RF was the first assessment device to incorporate an LCD display and all question types. Powered by three AAA batteries and utilizing the Cypress Semiconductor Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) wireless technology, PRS RF offered great new capabilities to the market and could be configured in an open mode, closed mode or loaner mode, supporting applications in Higher Ed, K-12 and corporate training applications.

Roll Up Digitizer

Roll Up Digitizer

The Roll Up Digitizer was a unique and innovative product that provided GTCO Corporation with a significant competitive advantage over much larger competitors and served the needs of a great niche market in Construction Estimating. The Roll-Up utilized an electrostatic detection scheme for position sensing and was very low power. The Roll Up was able to be parasitically powered from the RS-232 port of a standard computer, another unique advantage to the technology in the market.