InterWrite PRS / Response Software

InterWrite PRS Software ToolbarThe InterWrite PRS & Response classroom assessment software was developed in Java for cross platform compatability for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.  The PRS Software utilized a flat file structure to capture the responses from the InterWrite PRS (Infrared and RF) clicker systems, supporting classrooms with up to 8,000 students.  The Response software was built around an object oriented database, db40 to further enhance data collection and analysis.

The PRS System supported all question types, T/F, Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct Multiple Choice, Numeric and Short Answer and allows questions to be authored within the PRS system, or within PowerPoint, utilizing a PowerPoint addin.  Supported Modes of operation included Classroom Testing (Synchronous), Ad Hoc Testing (Synchronous), Self-Paced Testing (Asynchronous) and Homework mode (Asynchronous). 

In addition to the hardware assessment devices, the PRS system also included the virtual clicker, a browser based application that allowed participation from users utilizing computers or smartphones.

InterWrite PRS and Response was structured with a language library and included translations into 43 different languages to support education needs througout the world in Higher Education,  K-12 and corporate training applications.

Interwrite Response Software Authoring Screen