InterWrite WorkSpace Software

InterWrite Workspace ToolbarThe InterWrite Workspace software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platgorms and was developed in C++, C# and Java application languages.  The InterWrite Workspace software provided an integrated classroom presentation system specifically tailored for an interactive learning environment.  The Workspace software was specifically designed to utilize a floating toolbar that could work in conjunction with any application the user desires, whether PowerPoint, Excel, Word, web browsers or any variety of other education and training applications.InterWrite ToolBox

The WorkSpace software is composed of two primary elements, the InterWrite Device Manager, that interfaces to the InterWrite Learning/eInstruction hardware.  Communications to the pointing devices, whether the InterWrite Pad, InterWrite Board or InteWrite Panel is handled in the Device Manager, such that the connection of the devices, setup and translation of the menu and pointing areas are presented to the Workspace application as either an absolute position XY coordinate , or a command.  Device Manager also connects to the company's Personal Response Systems (PRS) and allows instructors to integrate an assessment option into their learning environment.

Originally developed in 1999 as the InterWrite software, a basic screen capture and annotation tool, the software progressed over the years with additional functionality, tools and integration options.

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