Sustainable Product Development, a Stanford MOOC

October 2013:  Completed the Stanford MOOC Sustainable Product Development (MS&E 264) taught by Professor Dariush Rafinejad on the NovaEd platform.  Overall, there were some good elements to the program and a few good materials, however, the NovaEd platform is lacking in many cases.  The progress in each assignment isn't well highlighted, so you don't have a clear indication of where you left off.  The tools, including forums are pretty basic.

It was also a very short course, about 5 weeks long, with all grades being peer reviews.  When English isn't the first language of many participants, there were often challenges.  Additionally, the grading scale seemed a bit tough at first given the metrics.  It also seemed to be an introductory course where Stanford was pushing their full 20 lesson on-line course for a fee.

I completed it with a Certificate of Accomplishment, the only offering provided.