Interwrite Board and DualBoard

Interwrite BoardThe Interwrite Board is a large interactive whiteboard that utilizes and active pen and electromagnetic sensing technologies for position determination.  When used with Interwrite Software, the Interwrite Board provides users with the capability of controlling their computer and associated applications from the board, as well as a variety of annotation tools to make any presentation or discussion more dynamic.

Originally introduced in 2000 as the Interwrite MeetingBoard and Interwrite Schoolboard, the product was rebranded as the Interwrite Board in 2006.

The Interwrite Board series provided users with a high resolution writing and control capability.  It is offered with communications options of RS-232 Serial, USB or wireless (Bluetooth or proprietary 2.4GHz).Interwite Pen

Initial versions of the system utilized pens that housed an Expo marker to support dry erase options and utilized a single AAA battery for operation.   Subsequently, interactive only versions were offered as more users opted to utilize the board with a projected image.

Rechargeable PenTo reduce the need for AAA batteries, a rechargeable pen option was created that utilized the same pen as the Interwrite Pad, providing interoperability to users with both products.

The DualBoard was introduced in 2009 and provided the option of having two users work simultaneously on the board.  This was done by creating two frequency channels in the electronics and having matching pens at the different frequencies.


Interwrite DualBoard